Star Wars: Squadrons

More content DLC has been revealed for Star Wars: Squadrons

The DLC is set to arrive on November 25 and will add spaceships and a new map.

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Earlier this fall, we got the opportunity to talk to creative director Ian Frazier about Star Wars: Squadrons. We asked him if we could expect more content to it, to which he replied:

"Our approach to the game has always been that it's a self-contained experience. We want you to feel like you paid your 40 dollars on day one, you got a complete game and you feel good about that."

But as the game has become a big hit, we've gotten more content like cosmetics from The Mandalorian and pretty massive enhancements for Xbox Series X. And they're still not done with the free extra content.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Now EA has announced more DLC, with the first one launching November 25. It includes a new map for Dogfight and Fleet Battles based on Fostar Haven from the campaign. All ships are also getting new upgrades that really changes things.

But to quote the worst infomercials; wait, there's more! In December there are also two new starfighters. The New Republic gets the B-Wing (with the skin from A New Hope as an alternative design) while the Empire gets the menacing Tie Defender. This is a fan favorite that has been in games before, but also the TV series Star Wars: Rebels.

You can check this out below, and head over to this link to read more details about what to expect.

Star Wars: Squadrons

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