Call of Duty: WWII

More competitive Call of Duty important for growing the scene

Esports director Kevin Flynn spoke to us about that side of Call of Duty.

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When we were in attendance at the Call of Duty World League Seattle Open competition this past weekend we got the chance to speak with Call of Duty's esports director Kevin Flynn about everything to do with the competitive scene, during which time we asked how he's found this current season so far.

"Super competitive," he told us. "Like, the amount of grand finals where you've come off and you've sort of gone 'that was amazing', and then it happens again and it happens again, and even recently Atlanta was wild, right. Rise Nation dominated and everyone was like 'wow they're set up', but then we went to the UK and it was all ripped up and it was crazy atmosphere, amazing audience, Luminosity came out of nowhere, but then FaZe won a couple of weeks later [...] I think that's pretty cool that we keep finding different winners and that everything is so competitive."

We also asked about how important it is to balance ongoing leagues and competitions with live events like these CWL Opens, to which he said:

"Yeah, it's something we're looking at. We want to encourage as much Call of Duty and competitive Call of Duty out there. This year we've certainly been really focused on trying to deliver a great experience for people that come to our CWL Opens, and we've over-indexed into that experience and really focused our energies there, so I think one thing we'll be looking at is 'how can we encourage more Call of Duty out there generally?' for future seasons. It's an important part of growing the scene."

What do you want to see more (or less) of in future Call of Duty seasons?

Call of Duty: WWII
Photo: MLG

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