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Morbius early impressions paint a grim picture for the Sony film

Some critics have even said it's "about as bad as you were expecting."

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Following what seems like a million delays, Sony's Morbius is soon to open in theatres around the world. The movie will see Jared Leto starring as Dr. Michael Morbius, a man who during a search for a cure for a rare blood disease ends up becoming a vampire with a range of special abilities.

With Morbius set to open on March 31, the early impressions for the movie have started popping up and they paint a very, very grim picture for the upcoming film.

Speaking about the movie on Twitter, Sab Astley stated, "Well, #Morbius is about as bad as you were expecting. A 2005 plot collides with visually confusing CGI to create a bit of a snooze fest. But don't worry, they've saved the worst for last. Featuring some of the worst post credits scenes you've EVER seen, Sony are off their rocker."

Critic Nicola Austin stated, "Well #Morbius is unfortunately not great (some really shoddy vfx & 00s formulaic plot) & definitely not as fun as Venom. Really confused at the future of the Sony Spiderverse following the post-credits scenes & the editing. Matt Smith is clearly having a blast though!"

Following these, Escape Film Club adds, "#Morbius proves that no matter how many famous faces or shiny visuals you squeeze in, Sony will always find a way to impressively misunderstand basic storytelling".

And if all of this isn't enough, critic Cameron Howe also gave some thoughts, saying, "Morbius is just as disjointed and boring as you expected it to be. Clearly butchered in an edit by a studio who had no clue what they wanted to do with it - not that there's a good film trapped in there. Mid credits are a joke but stick around if you like rolling your eyes".

There are also plenty of other impressions spread over Twitter, all giving off a similar opinion, which puts Morbius in a particularly precarious spot ahead of its global premiere in a few days.

Morbius early impressions paint a grim picture for the Sony film

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