No Rest for the Wicked

Moon Studios' CEO wants PlayStation and Nintendo to "embrace Early Access"

With No Rest for the Wicked now available as an Early Access title, the developer's head honcho has talked about the benefits of the format.

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The concept of a video game debuting as an Early Access title is a volatile one, something we've actually discussed in depth recently on one of our video shows. With No Rest for the Wicked, made by Ori developer Moon Studios, being the latest major Early Access arrival, the topic of conversation surrounding Early Access has been ignited again, something that Moon Studios' CEO Thomas Mahler has recently touched on in a lengthy X post.

Mahler notes that choosing to launch No Rest for the Wicked as an Early Access project was "one of the best decisions we could've made". As for why this is the case, he notes that the feedback the team can gather from actual players and not a focus group is vital, and also how it allows developers to "truly perfect a product over time" and not have to rush it to market, cutting areas to meet the time constraints.

He then sounds off by adding that he hopes both PlayStation and Nintendo will embrace the concept of Early Access, as "Ultimately people just want to play great games. It shouldn't matter how the game was developed, just that it was and if players can't play some great experience on your platform, you're doing your audience a disservice."

Do you agree with Mahler, or do you prefer to buy a game when it's in its 'complete state'?

No Rest for the Wicked

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