Moon Knight director wants to make a Call of Duty or GTA movie

Mohamed Diab likes to play games, and would definitely be interested in bringing several major franchises to the big screen.

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Disney and Marvel's Moon Knight series is set to premiere on Disney+ next Wednesday, but I've been lucky enough to already have seen the first four episodes and talk with Mohamed Diab (who directed four of the six episodes) about it. You'll get my thoughts on Monday, but I'm allowed to share details about my chat with the talented Mr. Diab today.

I obviously had to ask if he plays any games, and it was interesting to hear that he actually does:

"I play the very basic things, like I play FIFA every single day. To me, the problem is that when I want to relax I can't watch a movie - I can't watch a TV show - because I don't watch them for fun. I analyze them. I see the cuts, I see everything, so the only thing that relaxes me is video games. I play the basic stuff like I told you: GTA, Red Dead Redemption and Call of Duty. The very basic and very big stuff, not like anything ambiguous or small, but I keep on playing them every chance I get. That's my meditation."

Moon Knight is the first big-budget project Diab has worked on because it seemed truly interesting to him even after getting several offers for other major movies and shows, so I had to follow up this answer by asking if he'd be interested in making a movie or show based on a video game franchise. His response was both positive and considered:

"I think some of them actually. From my small experience something like Call of Duty would. There are a couple of iterations that show potential. They've had David S. Goyer, the guy that created The Dark Knight with Christopher Nolan, write some of them. They've also had Oscar-winning composers. There is something great there, so I would definitely be up for something like that if there's a good script. Something like Call of Duty, for sure. Red Dead Redemption! (He said as his face light up with an excited smile). GTA. Those are great stuff. Great, huge projects. One day, I'm sure, they're gonna be films. It's gonna take years just to make sure that whatever film that is going to be created match up to the great success of the video games."

Without saying anything else to avoid getting Disney on my neck, I'd definitely watch a Call of Duty movie directed by Mohamed Diab, as he has a special style that could work amazingly with a setting like that.

Moon Knight director wants to make a Call of Duty or GTA movie

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