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Civilization VI

Montezuma and Aztecs is a pre-order bonus for Civilization VI

Includes a unique unit, building and wonder.

2K Games has been announced that Montezuma and the Aztecs will be a pre-order bonus for Civilization VI.

The publisher revealed that the Aztecs, led by Montezuma I, will be available early for those who pre-order but that all players will get access to them later on.

These Aztecs will have a unique unit called the Eagle Warrior which converts defeated enemies into builders, as well as a building called the Tlachtli which hosts various games such as one similar to basketball.

Also announced was the unique wonder for the Aztecs called The Huey Teocalli which is described as "a giant terraced pyramid leading up to a temple where some of the most important Aztec rituals were performed".

They will be available on launch day, October 21, for those who pre-order, and 90 days later for those who do not.

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