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MonteCristo: superstars need time to shine

Christopher Mykles shares his thoughts on the changes made to Overwatch.

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Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles recently spoke in an interview about the changes made to League of Legends in recent years, as well as the changes currently being made to Overwatch, and says that superstars need the chance to shine in these games.

"Over the years Riot has diminished a single player's ability to basically hard carry the game," MonteCristo said, "and what sports need, if you look at the NBA or any traditional sports, are superstar players, right. You have to give them the room to go nuts. That's why it's so exciting to watch players like LeBron James or Steph Curry, and I feel like three years ago Faker was able to just go crazy in League of Legends in a way that just isn't possible now because of the way they balanced it, the removal of certain items etcetera, etcetera."

"So why I'm tying this into the Blizzard change is that I feel personally, my theory, is that by increasing ult charge times you're going to start seeing more and more of a difference. So if you have a truly outstanding McCree player, the longer the ult charge time is, basically the faster the truly good and the truly accurate McCree player is going to be able to charge that ultimate compared to an enemy McCree. So there's going to be a big difference between a player that can charge their ult two times a round versus three times a round, so we're going to see more of a skill gap developing between players in certain heroes."

"When ults are up so frequently I feel like teams don't have to make the most meaningful decisions about when they're going to use their ults, how they're going to use their ults," he added, "and that's a problem, especially with Ana being able to nanoboost somebody basically every fight. And we need that changed so teams can start to have more diverse identities tactically as well to the way they're going to use their ultimates so we as commentators and as fans can discuss their relevant strategies."

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