Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary is receiving an extensive content update

The update is out now on PC and will release April 20 on console.

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We may have handed the Pokémon-like Monster Sanctuary a near perfect 9/10 score when it released late last year, but it appears the game is only destined to get better. On April 20 (or now if you're a PC player), the game is due to receive an extensive content update that adds several new slices of content to its extend its longevity.

Perhaps the most exciting addition within this update is a New Game Plus mode. This is unlocked when you have completed the main story, and it enables you to reexperience the adventure with all of your monsters and many of your items. Here some of the tutorial text is removed for convenience and all monster levels are reset back to Level 1.

Also in the update is two new difficulty modes "Casual" and "Master." Casual reduces the health and damage dealt from your opponents, and it's the most relaxed way to play the game. Master, on the other hand, is the reverse and the health and damage of monsters is increased.

You can check out the full list of changes from the update here.

Monster Sanctuary

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