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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World reportedly sells 10 million units

The PC version has gone down well, it would appear.

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With 7.5 million copies sold on Xbox One and PS4 in five weeks, Monster Hunter: World became the fastest selling game in the history of Capcom, and as of June 30 this year there were 8.3 million copies distributed around the world in terms of console copies alone. Last week, Monster Hunter: World made its debut on PC though, and the first figures point at an incredible success.

According to SteamSpy Premium stats, posted on ResetEra by user Carlius, as of yesterday the PC version surpassed the 2 million player mark. This is just an estimated figure, we should point out, not official sales, but it's highly possible that right now Monster Hunter: World sales are over 10 million units worldwide, with the franchise as a whole hitting over 50 million units sold. This is the result we get by adding the estimated PC sales to Capcom's sales data as of June 30.

You can check out the PC version down below. Which version are you hunting monsters in?

Monster Hunter: World

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