Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World removed from WeGame platform

There were a number of complaints.

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Despite Monster Hunter: World experiencing a lot of success on PC with Steam, it has had less success on Tencent's rival PC platform WeGame, and in fact Radii China has reported that the game has been removed from the platform despite over a million pre-orders coming in for Capcom's title.

The game was launched on August 8 and was meant to be a flagship title for WeGame, but it turns out that the game didn't "fully comply with relevant regulatory and policy requirements," according to a statement, meaning it was removed after a lot of complaints and at "the request of the authorities."

The statement also adds that WeGame would pay closer attention to rules and regulations moving forward, but we don't know for sure if Capcom's popular game will relaunch on the platform.

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Monster Hunter: World

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