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Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World, Prey, and more joining Game Pass

This month we're getting more big names on the service, all of which are sprinkled throughout April and add to an already healthy collection.

Yesterday Microsoft hinted on Twitter that six new games would be revealed for the Xbox Game Pass subscription service today, and now we have that announcement, which was worth the wait, as there are some big names like Monster Hunter: World in there.

We'll be getting Capcom's hit game on April 18 alongside The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, but before that Prey and The Golf Club 2 are hitting Game Pass on April 11. On April 24 we're rounding off the month with Episode 2 of Life is Strange 2, with Resident Evil 5 coming a day after.

Monster Hunter: World

This year Microsoft has added some very high-profile and new games to the service, including Minecraft, Fallout 4, and Just Cause 4, but it also does wonders for promoting smaller games as well. ID@Xbox's Agostino Simonetta recently told us that Game Pass is a "great way to expose your product" after all.

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Monster Hunter: World

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