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Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne post-launch plans detailed

Both the PC and console versions of the game are getting updates soon, although the roll-outs are different for the time being.

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Capcom just got in touch with an update on its post-launch plans for Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne, at the same time confirming anniversary plans, and the fact that the PC and console versions of the game will sync up in terms of future content drops, starting in April.

PC updates start next month, and include "challenging monsters for players to conquer, expanded gameplay features, limited time events" and on February 6 players will be able to face off against the Rajang, and then explore a new Volcanic region in the end game, called Guiding Lands. Resident Evil fans will also enjoy the fact that Leon, Claire and Tyrant are coming to the game as part of the Raccoon City collaboration, with outfits and Raccoon City-themed pendants up for grabs.

Paid DLC cosmetics are being added, as is a limited-time quest to earn the materials needed to make the armour + weapon combo for the Iceborne Design Contest winners.

On March 12, PC players will get the Stygian Zinogre, and a new Tundra Region will fill out the Guiding Lands further. Therein players will encounter the likes of Barioth and Viper Tobi-Kadachi.

During this period, console players new time-limited quests that boost the chances of finding "gold crown monsters, decorations, and Great Spiritvein Gems", with a title update bringing to new monster variants (March on console, April on PC). Then the two games will align, and the new Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of monsters will come online at the same time, with further content drops landing simultaneously.

Second year anniversary celebrations start on January 24 until February 13, and players can check out the "cosmic Grand Appreciation Fest for Iceborne players, or the returning Appreciation Fest in the Astera Gathering Hub available for all players."

Monster Hunter: World

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