Monster Hunter: Wilds

Monster Hunter: Wilds shows off its changing environments and ecosystems

The upcoming next major instalment in the series seems to be a big step forward.

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Monster Hunter fans are probably still trying to pick their jaws up off the ground after watching the State of Play broadcast. In the showcase, we just got to see a bunch of additional gameplay for the upcoming next major instalment in the series, Monster Hunter: Wilds, wherein we got to learn a lot more about the changing and more complex ecosystems.

As per PlayStation Blog, we're told that the game's locales are designed to change drastically and that as environments adjust, so will the creatures and monsters that live in them adapt to them.

Capcom also promises that seamless quest activation will be included to improve immersion, that fully voiced characters and conversations will be present, and there will also be plenty of new monsters too, including the Doshaguma, Chatacabra, Ceratonoth, Dalthydon, and the Seikret, all of which were shown off during the latest gameplay trailer below.


Additionally, the game will offer 14 weapon types to play around with, a focus mode to make combat more approachable, the slinger will be back to aid in picking up gear and loot, and if you have been playing either Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter World: Iceborne on PlayStation, you'll be able to get some free goodies to use in Wilds when it debuts next year.

Monster Hunter: Wilds

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