Monster Hunter series surpasses 100 million sold units

With Monster Hunter: World making up a quarter of this total.

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To say that the Monster Hunter series is a cash cow for Capcom is probably a bit of an understatement as the video game franchise has grown to become one of the Japanese company's most well-known and highest-selling franchises overall. In fact, the series has done so well over the years that it has now surpassed the 100 million sold units milestone.

Capcom confirmed exactly this in a new press release, where it stated that in time for the franchise's 20th anniversary, it has achieved the feat.

As you would expect considering its huge player following, Monster Hunter: World leads the sales charge with a quarter of the total series sales at over 25 million units worldwide. Capcom also notes that World has managed to ship at least 1 million units a year in the seven years since its arrival, showing that the interest for the game is still there.

Following suit is Monster Hunter Rise, which has now surpassed the 15 million sold units milestone and sold at least 2 million units a year since debut, with 8 million of the total units coming from Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Capcom notes that the coming Monster Hunter projects, including next year's Wilds, have helped drive the sales to this monumental milestone.

Monster Hunter series surpasses 100 million sold units

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