Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Update ver. 2.0 is out today, and the game sales surpassed 6 million

A roadmap for Rise was also released.

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As previously promised, the latest title update Version 2.0 for Monster Hunter Rise is rolling out today, bringing a lot of new things.

First of all, several monsters are coming to the game, including Teostra, Kushala Daora, Chameleos, Apex Diablos and Apex Rathalos. There will be some standard quests for the Apex monsters coming up as well.

Then, the flagship monster, Magnamalo, will now appear during Rampage Quests for players to tackle with. These are not all, players will also be able to remove the Hunter Rank cap, forge layered armor, or take on a lot of event quests, etc. You can check the official website for all the details.

Other than releasing the Update Ver. 2.0, Capcom also has some amazing news for us today: Monster Hunter Rise has shipped more than 6 million units worldwide.

The latest title of MH series was initially released earlier this year on March 26, three days after the official launch it already reached 4 million copies sold, while the game is only available on Nintendo Switch so far. Then one week after that, the game sold another 1 million copies more, which brought the number of sales to 5 million. Now, just merely a few weeks later, MH Rise has achieved another impressive milestone: with the shipments and digital sales combined together, the number has surpassed 6 million.

We know that Monster Hunter Rise will come to PC in early 2022, so it might boost the sales once again by the time the game hits on a new platform. However, by how much? It remains to be seen.

Capcom also released a roadmap for MH Rise, you can check the image below:

Monster Hunter Rise

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