Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has sold 3 million copies

Capcom's monster hunting game seems to become even more popular.

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Capcom has really been on a roll with Monster Hunter during the last couple of years. While the franchise has always been popular in Japan, it really took off in the west as well after the release of Monster Hunter: World, and also it's stand-alone expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Last year, they launched Monster Hunter Rise for Switch, and to make a short story extra short; it sold very well. The runaway success continued when it was released for PC as well earlier this year, and now we've got another receipt proving how popular this series actually is.

Since the release of the Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak on June 30 - it has sold (shipped) a whopping 3 million units. This was revealed by Capcom themselves:

"Sunbreak is a massive premium expansion for Rise. In addition to new quest ranks, locales, monsters and never-before-experienced hunting actions, players can enjoy new story elements in Rise as well. Capcom generated attention and interest in the title prior to launch with dedicated promotions, including the Capcom Showcase—a global livestream digital event during which the company broadly shared information on its games—and the release of a demo version of Sunbreak for Nintendo Switch and PC, all of which led the title to surpass 3 million units shipped globally. Capcom aims to continue growing sales over the long term, beginning with a free update for the game coming in August and continuing with additional game updates into the future."

Are you one of those 3 million gamers, and what do you think of Sunbreak?

Monster Hunter Rise

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