Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise shipments surpass 7 million copies worldwide

The game's 3.0 update rolled out yesterday.

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The update 3.0 for Monster Hunter Rise just rolled out yesterday, bringing not only bug fixes but also a lot of new monsters, quests, weapon trees, armor, skills, items and more to the game, you can check all the details here in the full patch note.

However, we have more good news when it comes to Capcom's latest Monster hunting action game. The publisher/developer just announced that MH Rise has shipped more than 7 million copies worldwide in total, which means within about a month the game have sold another million since we last reported about it in late April. In order to thank fans for the support, Capcom has prepared Kamura Pack 3 as a gift, players can claim it by checking in with with Senri the Mailman in-game.

As a comparison, Monster Hunter World was initially released on PS4 and Xbox One back in 2019, later launched on PC in 2020, and it reached over 7.7 million sales by as of March 2021.

Considering that Monster Hunter Rise is only available on Nintendo Switch so far, it'll be interesting to see how many more copies can be sold when Rise finally lands on PC in 2022.

Monster Hunter Rise

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