Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise rolls out today, Update V2.0 planned for April

More monsters are "scheduled to be delivered at the end of April."

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Today marks the official release date of the highly-anticipated Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch, the latest game of the beloved Monster Hunter franchise. It seems that Capcom has pretty much everything under control, the Day One Patch Ver.1.1.1 is also available now, which requires around 600MB space to download. You can check the link above to see details.

But that's not all. ViaMH's Japanese Twitter, the developer revealed that they have scheduled to deliver the update Version 2.0 at the end of April, and they expect to bring more monsters via this update. According to Google Translation, it says:

"Monster Hunter Rise In 'Ver. 2.0' scheduled to be delivered at the end of April, 'Nushi Rio Leus' will be newly released!

Several additional monsters, including the Kasumi Dragon 'Onazuchi', will appear as early as about a month later. Prepare for more monsters!"

Are you planning to spend this weekend exploring Kamura Village?

Monster Hunter Rise

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