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Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise on Steam already reached 90,000+ concurrent players on day one

The PC edition is off to a strong start.

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Yesterday was the day Monster Hunter Rise officially landed on PC (via Steam), and it's already off to a great start. Why would we say that? It turns out, the peak of MH: Rise's concurrent players on Steam today is 90,773 at the moment we write this news piece, and the number of current players is 66,300.

From what we could see from Steam & Game Stats, Monster Hunter Rise currently sits at the 7th place of the most played games on Valve's platform, for a game that has just been made available today, this is very impressive.

Just to remind you, Monster Hunter Rise had already shipped more than 7.5 million units in October last year, and it was only released on Nintendo Switch back then, let alone the fact that this title isn't even one year old yet. With the massive expansion "Sunbreak" coming soon in summer, we could expect to see Rise reach another milestone sales-wise, or even break new records.

Monster Hunter Rise

Thanks, Benji-Sales

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