Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations announced for the 3DS

New title heading to Nintendo's handheld.

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During the Nintendo Direct last night, Nintendo announced that Monster Hunter Generations is inbound for the 3DS and will hit stores this summer. Here's the official write-up:

In Monster Hunter Generations, players take up the esteemed role of a hunter, seeking out and vanquishing a variety of colossal creatures throughout the world. Players can earn money and collect resources that can be used for crafting powerful weapons and armour which are styled after the monsters they have defeated.

This is what any Monster Hunter game is all about. On their journey, players must defend each of the game's four villages from the threat of major new menaces known collectively as the Fated Four.

This latest instalment marks the debut of new gameplay mechanics such as Styles and Hunter Arts which allow players to create the most custom, personalised play-style of any Monster Hunter game yet. Players can choose from four distinct combat Styles, like Aerial which adds the ability to attack and mount monsters from mid-air.

With the introduction of devastating new attack skills and power-ups known as Hunter Arts, the action looks more visually striking than ever before on Nintendo 3DS. For the first time in the series, players will have the ability to now play as a Felyne themselves in the new Prowler Mode.

Below you find the first screens from the title:

Monster Hunter GenerationsMonster Hunter GenerationsMonster Hunter GenerationsMonster Hunter Generations
Monster Hunter GenerationsMonster Hunter GenerationsMonster Hunter Generations

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