Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 ships one million, gets free theme

Capcom boasts big numbers for their RPG series.

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We really liked Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the New Nintendo 3DS - which you can read all about in our review if you want to know exactly why we thought so much of Capcom's new action RPG. Apparently we weren't alone in embracing the newest chapter in the well known Monster Hunter series.

Now the game's creators have announced (via Facebook) that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has shipped 1 million units in North America and Europe. (As of February it has also been confirmed that franchise sales now exceed 32 million, with the latest entry shifting more than 3 million in Japan alone.)

To celebrate the latest grand total the publisher will be giving away a special (and free) theme for Nintendo 3DS in May. So remember to check back next month and grab it while it's there.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

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