Monster Harvest

Monster Harvest has been hit with a second delay

The Pokémon-inspired game will now release by August 19.

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Monster Harvest, an upcoming indie game that draws inspiration from both Pokémon and Harvest Moon has been delayed for a second time. The game was first planned to release on June 6, but it was later delayed to July 8, and it has now been pushed back to August 19 at the latest. Developer Maple Powered Games has noted in a statement that this will be the final delay and the reasoning behind it is so that the team can "dispatch Monster Harvest in the best shape possible."

The full statement from Maple Powered Games reads: "Delays are awful, we are sorry to let down our friends and fans, yet we want to make sure we dispatch Monster Harvest in the best shape possible so that our whole community will enjoy it. We realized how important it is to ensure high-quality support for as many regions as possible right from launch day, even if that means having to push back our release date by just over a month. We are shipping the game by August 19th, with no further days and it'll be worth it when we show what we have in store for you."

Are you disappointed to see Monster Harvest delayed even further?

Monster Harvest

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