Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Monaco soon playable on Xbox One

Pocketwatch Games' indie gem approved for backwards compatibility.

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The 10/10 (that is according to our esteemed reviewer) stealth action game from Pocketwatch Games will be playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, the studio recently confirmed on Twitter:

"ICYMI We just got word that Monaco will be getting backwards compatibility on Xbox One! Time to revisit the scene of the crime!""

Thus, the 2013 indie hit joins the growing catalogue of Xbox 360 classics (both digital and disc-based) that can be now played on the newest Microsoft console, thanks to the most welcome feature.

Almost three years ago, we wrote that Monaco: What's Yours is Mine is probably "the perfect heist", praising it's "original concept, narrative, challenge and accessibility, fantastic co-op" and audiovisual work, including "interesting graphics" and "thoughtful music" from Austin Wintory.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

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