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Molyneux on NFTs in video games: "It's definitely something to explore."

The well-known developer also qualifies that they can generate a toxic environment and require further regulation before opening it to users.

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Peter Molyneux is one of those veteran voices within the industry that is always interesting to listen to when he talks about future industry movements. His experience and thoughts on the Fable series and its future installment are full of hope for the new project, but he also has expectations regarding web 3.0, NFTs and their application within games. Concepts that he himself is familiar with and has implemented in his title Legacy.


At the last Gamelab in Tenerife he spoke about it with the journalists in attendance, among which was Gamereactor, and this is what he said about it.

"What's great is the game's industry experiments with things, and crypto gaming and NFT and all of that stuff are things we should embrace and experiment with it, and evolve. My problem with NFT gaming is it can be very toxic. It needs some regulations, but I love this idea. Why shouldn't people add something when they're playing a game? There's a future in this. I don't think the first attempt should be the right attempt, but I think is something we must think about it."

The truth is that despite being such a new medium, many of the big companies in the industry such as Square Enix, Bandai Namco, Sega are already trying to implement these concepts and new forms of business in video games in the coming years, and it will be something we will have to get used too, like other movements that were in the past and are now part of our life as gamers, such as microtransactions, subscription services or DLC.

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