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Mojang to partner up with popular Minecraft servers

An official server browser is on its way.

Multiplayer is without a doubt one of the aspects of Minecraft that keeps players coming back. Being able to explore and build with friends and show of your creations is a vital feature, but Mojang has never had any 'official' servers. Players have always had to go online, find a server IP online, copy and paste it across to the Minecraft client, without any validation about what the server they're connecting to is like. Parents can't know if the server their child is playing on is safe for them, or whether it's got all the features they're looking for.

This summer, in the 1.2 update, Mojang are introducing a partner system for some of the immensely popular and family friendly servers. First up is the Lifeboat Server, with around six million players every month and a bunch of mini games to play, Lifeboat was started in 2014 by a 14 year old and his father and over the course of three years it's grown massively into the profitable business and server it is now.

CubeCraft is the second official server partner, who are a very popular Java server with lots of minigame. MinePlex is another, who have over 45 original minigames. InPvP is the final launch partner with Mojang, which is a space themed PvP server with a bunch of minigames. All of these servers will be available when the Better Together update launches this summer, and Mojang have confirmed they hope to bring on more server partners as time goes on.

Which servers do you hope will be added to the Mojang partnership? Let us know in the comments.


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