Moebial Studios' Aquamarine gets a teaser trailer

Featuring hand-drawn psychedelic visuals.

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Brooklyn-based indie developer Moebial Studios have provided a brief teaser trailer for their debut title Aquamarine, a hand-drawn roguelite inspired by the French artist Moebius and featuring original music by Jeremy Malvin, who you may also know as Chrome Sparks.

The game features plenty of synth music and 1970s-style science-fiction as part of its narrative, and "tells a story of perseverance, adaptation, and braving the unknown," according to the press release. This will require you to collect and manage resources in the turn-based game, all of which will help you uncover the mysteries it holds.

More details are coming when the Kickstarter campaign for the game launches in September, along with a full trailer with gameplay and a demo, but for now we'll have to deal with the trailer below.

Does the style grip you?


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