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Alien: Isolation

Mod completely removes the alien from Alien: Isolation

Scaredy pants version of Creative Assembly's terrific survival horror.

We were all very scared playing one of the best games of 2014, The Creative Assembly's survival horror experience Alien: Isolation. Some gamers did not even dare to play the game, which is a shame as it's well worth playing. Steam user "LebowskiThArK" was one of them and he took matters into his own hands. He has now released a mod for the game that traps the alien monster inside a vent and by doing that let's the player experience the game without getting hunted and killed (at least by the alien). You can download it for free here.

"After a few hours trying I finally found a way to remove the Alien from the game for those players who wants to free explore the Sevastopol without the constant threat of the xenomorph. The way to do that is making a little mod on the file ALIEN.BML that the game uses to set the alien attributes. At the end of the file there is a line that sets the alien behaviour with "alien_behave" and I replace it with "NoBehaviour" so the alien still is there in some vent but doesn't make anything. It is freezed."

Alien: IsolationAlien: IsolationAlien: Isolation
Alien: IsolationAlien: IsolationAlien: Isolation
Alien: IsolationAlien: IsolationAlien: Isolation
Alien: Isolation
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