Mobile gaming in 2019 has made almost $30 billion so far

Gaming is by far the biggest earner in the mobile space, with almost 75% of the market share on iOS and Android.

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So far in 2019, the mobile gaming industry has made $29.6 billion in total revenue, a new report has claimed. That total is up on last year's figures by 11.3 per cent, and that's across both iOS and Android (Google Play), with gaming accounting for 75% of the mobile market so far this year.

The report on Sensor Tower extends beyond the sphere of gaming, but it still highlights just how lucrative games can be in the mobile space.

If you want to know names, Honor of Kings / Arena of Valor (Tencent) is the top grossing game so far this year, and has raked in a cool $728 million, (and that doesn't include China's third-party Android stores, where that game is so dominant). Beyond that, Fate/Grand Order (Sony Aniplex), Monster Strike (Mixi), Candy Crush Saga (King) and PUBG Mobile (Tencent), make up the rest of the top-five grossing games of 2019.

Mobile gaming in 2019 has made almost  billion so far
Arena of Valor is currently the top grossing game in the world.

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