Poppy Playtime

MOB Entertaiment presents an origin video for Poppy Playtime's antagonist

Experiment 1170 who escaped from a secret lab would eventually become known to all as Huggy Wuggy.

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With the recent rebranding to MOB Entertaiment, the studio responsible for Poppy Playtime and Project: Playtime has opened up to experimenting in new areas of audiovisual production. And while we weren't expecting any news so soon, the team has shared a rather curious video around one of the best-known characters in their horror universe: Huggy Wuggy.

The toothy plush monster with the intimidating grin is the protagonist of a multi-camera footage that tells the story of how the 1170 experiment escapes from a government facility and enters the forest, where he hunts down his captors one by one. This would be the origin of Huggy Wuggy, before arriving at the toy factory, where we meet him for the first time in Poppy Playtime. You can watch the full video below.


As we continue to enjoy the constant updates for Project: Playtime, we'll be waiting for details on the release of Poppy Playtime Chapter 3, which will arrive sometime in 2023.

Poppy Playtime

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