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MLG has left out a major team in its upcoming Overwatch tournament

It looks like Rogue will not be heading to the Vegas Major.

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Major League gaming are hosting their first major Overwatch tournament next month in Las Vegas, and while the cast of teams headed to the Strip is certainly star-studded, it's missing quite a major team. The event is taking place from the 16-18 December in Las Vegas' own Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and we'll see eight teams show up; Cloud9, CompLexity, EnVyUs, FaZe, Fnatic, Liquid, NRG, and Rise Nation.

If you're familiar with Overwatch Esports you'll know already that top performer Rogue is missing from this lineup, who are, ironically, a Las Vegas-based team. The reason for Rogue's non-inclusion appears to be thanks to a miscommunication.

"We did not know that Rogue had moved to Vegas until after the eight invites to NA teams were distributed." Adam Apicella of MLG said in a Reddit comment, after Rogue acknowledged their lack of invitation via a Tweet:

"Since people are asking. Yes, we're a Las Vegas based org. Yes, we have the best results in OW. No, @MLG did not invite us to MLG Vegas."

The MLG Vegas Major is happening next month and will see both Call of Duty and Overwatch teams compete in their own separate tournaments for substantial prize money; $100,000 US dollars is the prize pool for both tournaments. MLG's own Enhanced Viewing Experience will be made use of during the Overwatch Tournament, which will help considerably in letting viewers know what is going on in the chaos of Overwatch.

Will you miss Rogue?

Photo: Red Bull

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