Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Mitsuhide is the DreamHack Winter Hearthstone champion

The rising star impresses once more.

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Dutch Hearthstone player Louis "Mitsuhide" Bremers, who plays under the banner of Gamers Origin, has claimed victory at the DreamHack Winter 2016 Hearthstone championship, continuing his recent success.

He encountered HCT semi finalist Mikuláš "Pokrovac" Dio and Oldřich "Faeli" Mahdal in the brackets, however, he remained untroubled and finished with a record of 7-2, playing with Druid, Shaman, and Warlock throughout.

Who knows what will happen in the 2017 HCT Europe winter playoffs, but considering Mitsuhide has just won his first major title, we'd say he is definitely one to look out for. Have you been keeping an eye on this rising star?

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
Mitsuhide, pictured on the right, was consistent throughout the tournament. // Photo: DreamHack

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