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Heroes of the Storm

Misfits are the first European team to qualify for HGC 2017

Two Bees Determined also performed well.

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Qualifiers for HGC 2017 have started this month, and Misfits have become the first European team to qualify for the tournament, which won't come as too much of a surprise given their quality in recent times.

Simon "darkmok" Tabin tweeted: "Wooooohooo, qualified for HGC! Very happy and ggwp to all enemies, especially the russians, they are crazy."

Two Bees Determined also impressed in qualifiers, although they were less of a certainty than Misfits going into qualifying.

More information on HGC 2017 can be found here, and we'll hopefully see a lot more quality in the coming months as qualifiers continue. Are you a fan of Misfits?

Heroes of the Storm
Photo: Blizzard

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