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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Mirror's Edge Catalyst available to download early

EA Access version is ready ahead of time.

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Xbox One users that subscribe to the EA Access premium service are usually able to start playing EA games a week before launch via a limited use trial version. Thus, with Mirror's Edge Catalyst launching on June 9, the scheduled launch date for the EA Access version is tomorrow, June 2. However, as pointed out by several Neogaf users, the game is already available to download, and it seems as though the Xbox version takes just 16.21 GB of disk space. This is what you get with the Trial version of the full game, according to official info:

• 6 hours of play time with Mirror's Edge Catalyst
• 10 action-packed missions
• 2 vast districts to explore
• Social Play features

If you're among EA Access subscribers, feel free to leave your hands-on impressions of Mirror's Edge Catalyst in the comments section below.

Mirror's Edge CatalystMirror's Edge Catalyst

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