Minions are invading Minecraft in new DLC

Play as Gru and become the baddest super-villain ever.

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Minecraft has been no stranger to collaborations with popular franchises before, and now the time has come for yet another one. This time it's those nasty/wonderful (depending on who you are asking) Minions that are invading Minecraft together with Gru to celebrate the premiere of Minions: The Rise of Gru.

The official description reads:

"Playing as Gru, your quest is to become the biggest, baddest super-villain, and to do that you'll need to gather gadgets, Minions and your courage to take on the Vicious 6: a team of supervillains who aren't thrilled about your attempts to steal their thunder. As your devious plans take shape, you'll need to fill up your villain-o-meter by sneaking, racing, and directing your Minions in increasingly crafty ways before facing your foes in a fiery final showdown. If you think you know what happens next then hold onto your Plasma Jelly Launchers, friend, because you'll now face the Vicious 6 in a whole new way!"

If you think this sounds like good fun, head over to the Minecraft Marketplace to get the DLC and start you career as the most horrible villain the world has even seen. If you really love Minions but don't want to buy this new expansion, you will also get a free in-game Minion hoodie that is waiting for you in the Dressing Room.


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