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Miniature Pac-Man arcade cabinet announced

Numbskull Designs teams up with Bandai Namco for 1/4 scale Pac-Man cabinets.

Numbskull Designs has announced a 1/4 scale Pac-Man arcade cabinet featuring the original arcade ROM and high-quality details and finishing. The collector's item (limited to 10,000 units) is available for pre-order today via the Numbskull website (shipping in December) for £149.99.

Pac-Man is the first in a series of arcade cabinet renditions that will in the "Quarter Arcades" line, but there's currently no information what other titles might be coming as part of the line (Galaga, please?).

The cabinet measures 430mm x 160mm x 210 mm, with a 5 inch colour TFT screen (4:3). It's powered via Micro USB, and offers a "100% accurate" emulation of the original ROM.

Is this something that might find its way into your gaming collection?

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