Mini isn't ruling out making an electric bike

It's actively playing with the idea to understand how it works.

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One of the next projects to come from Mini might see the automotive brand trading four wheels for two. It has been mentioned by Mini's boss Stefanie Wurst in an interview with Auto Express that the car maker is interested in testing the e-bike waters, and even has a team working on some ideas to see how it works.

Wurst stated, "I think this is interesting because it's urban mobility - BMW is producing so much when it comes to mobility. If we were to do something I would look into the family first and I think this is something I find interesting. If I have interest in our markets, this is something I would consider."

This was then affirmed by Mini's design boss Oliver Heilmer, who added, "I actually gave the team the task, 'Let's do some bikes just in order to understand whether it works'."

The main question with a Mini e-bike will be how it is designed and styled to resemble the iconic cars, but clearly if fans show an interest in this idea, Mini won't turn down the idea of exploring it in further depth.

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Mini isn't ruling out making an electric bike

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