Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics update has been cancelled

After two years of delays and hard work, Mojang has realised that it's just not technically possible to deliver on their pretty promise.

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Do you remember Microsoft's E3 2017 conference? Then you might also remember the trailer that showed off a very beautiful version Minecraft. This was the announcement of a free update called Super Duper Graphics, which would make the extremely popular game even prettier by adding dynamic shadows, directional lighting, god rays and a whole bunch of other nifty visual improvements that the developers hoped would be even more super by the time the update launched. Well, it's been two years, so you probably understand that there's been a few delays. Two years definitely makes it sound like implementing these improvements would be difficult, and now we have extremely definitive proof of that.

We're now told that the Super Duper Graphics pack "proved too technically demanding to implement as planned" across devices, so they've decided to cancel it altogether.

Very disappointing news, but those of you longing for a prettier Minecraft without using mods shouldn't give up hope yet as the developers are "looking into other ways for you to experience Minecraft with a new look." They don't even want to tease how, but look forward to learning more "very soon". Maybe this means as soon as Gamescom or maybe MineCon? Time will tell.

Are the visuals in Minecraft important enough to still make this decision disappointing after these two years?


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