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Minecraft will be compatible with PSVR later this month

The PS4 version now arguably has the edge over its competitors with this added functionality.

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Mojang has just revealed that it be rolling out a patch for PS4 players later this month that will allow them to explore the blocky world of Minecraft in VR. The patch will be coming as a free update for all PS4 users, so no additional purchase will be required for the new content.

In a blog post, Mojang described the updated by stating: "It's Minecraft, but in stellar VR. It is 100% the same Minecraft game that you can play every day, every week, every month, every year...on PlayStation 4. Nothing removed. 100% wholesome & pure full-fat Minecraft."

The PSVR release is set to be comprised of two modes: Immersive and Living Room. These two modes weren't detailed extensively, but it was revealed that the DualShock 4 will be used as your primary form of navigation with no mention given to the PS Move controllers.

A specific date wasn't given other than a rough timeframe of September. You can read more details on the forthcoming PSVR update here.


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