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Minecraft update for Switch bumps resolution to 1080p

Mojang's build 'em up is looking crisper on Nintendo's console.

The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft didn't launch as ship shape as some might have expected. The game plays well and has all the content that players require, plus there's the exclusive Super Mario Mash-Up pack (there are five more DLC packs beyond that too). However, since launch the game was rendered in 720p, both in portable mode and when docked. Until now, that is, because the latest patch bumps the resolution in TV mode up to 1080p.

As you can read in the latest patch notes, the update "enable 1080p display when placed in the Nintendo Switch Dock". We expect that it doesn't adversely affect the smooth 60fps that it was running at before. There are also some new additions and a lot of fixes mentioned in the patch notes, for those who like to know the little details.

Minecraft is quite possibly the best-selling digital game for Nintendo Switch so far (Breath of the Wild has proved incredibly popular at retail, famously shifting more copies than Switch consoles were sold during launch month). Since the game was released in May, it has been either number one or number two in the American eShop charts, week after week, and it also ranks pretty well across the rest of the world.

Microsoft also announced during the last E3 that it is merging servers with the PC and the Xbox versions of the game to allow cross-play and DLC cross-buy. You can read more about that by clicking here.


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