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Minecraft storms Xbox Live

Surrounded by the usual suspects.

Whilst it's not something that we regularly feature on Gamereactor, sometimes we like to reflect on games trending on different platforms. Today we take a look at the most played games on Xbox 360 (for the week of August 13), courtesy of Major Nelson.

The most impressive revelation from the most recent batch of stats is that Minecraft is the second most played title on Xbox Live (no prizes for guessing that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was first, or that Black Ops was third), and the most played of all the Arcade titles.

FIFA 12 is still popular, with the start of the new Premier League season undoubtedly inspiring players to revisit EA's all-conquering football game. Halo: Reach makes up the top five, proving that there's life in the old dog yet.

Surprisingly, Modern Warfare 2 has more active unique users than Battlefield 3 (in fact, Call of Duty titles feature five times in the list of twenty).

As an aside, Games for Windows rankings were also released, and it seems that Grand Theft Auto IV is still the most played title on the PC service.


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