Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends won't get more content

Less than a year after the release, Mojang is now ready to move on.

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While the spin-off Minecraft Dungeons became fairly popular and got a lot of support for a long time, the same thing can't be said about Minecraft Legends. It launched last April, and now the Swedish studio Mojang says they are "going to take a step back from development" and that they "won't be releasing any new content".

If you are still playing Minecraft Legends, the studio has one last freebie for you: the Bright-Eyed Hero skin, which can be claimed on the Marketplace. We're also promised that they won't remove or close anything:

"Our existing Lost Legends challenges will remain available for free, and you'll still be able to reap the rewards if you claim victory. We will of course continue to offer technical support to players, and we won't be removing any functionalities or features from the game. PvP and co-op will also remain fully functional, so you can continue playing whether you prefer to take on the piglins by yourself or battle alongside (or against) friends."

If you want to read our thoughts on Minecraft Legends, you can check out our review over here.

Minecraft Legends

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