Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends gets its biggest update to date, with new allies and new enemies

New mounts, an alliance with witches and a new weapon of war are coming to the strategy title. And it's free.

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Since its launch last April we haven't heard much about Minecraft Legends, except to learn that it's done very well in terms of public response. The leap from sandbox to RTS in the cube world featured an epic story with huge pitched battles against the Nether's minions, and today it ups the battle intensity level.

Mojang and Blackbird announced the release of a free content update for Minecraft Legends, integrating new units into the game, as well as bug fixes. Among other things, we'll now be able to jump into the fray with the frog mount, and we'll have two new Piglins enemies to face, with a powerful new siege machine: the Air Chopper.

To counter this new threat, the witches will join the allied side with powerful spells and ranged attacks to balance things out. You can take a look at the content of the update in the video below.


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