Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends gets a new story trailer

Those pesky piglins are at it again.

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We're actually only three weeks away from the release of a new Minecraft title; Minecraft Legends. This is described as an action strategy title, and offers both traditional co-op as well as competitive multiplayer.

While the Minecraft titles aren't necessarily mainly known for their well written stories, they still tend to offer a fun narrative and have a pretty fleshed out universe by now. This time we'll get to fight off a piglin invasion from the Nether, but what has caused all this, what is the piglin's goal and what is your role? Unfortunately, none of this gets any answers in a brand new trailer for the game, called Uncover an Epic Story.

We do get to see a major battle though and check out the charming graphics. Minecraft Legends launches for PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox on April 18. It is also included with Game Pass starting day one.

Minecraft Legends

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