Minecraft is getting a Nether Update

This adds new biomes, increased accessibility, Piglins, and more to the game, since Mojang wants you to explore more of the Nether.

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Mojang was pretty busy at their MineCon Live event, and while you can catch up with all of the updates for Minecraft Earth, Java, Dungeons, and more here, the Nether Update is probably what caught the eyes of most fans of the main game.

As you might expect, this focuses on the Nether, bringing new biomes like the Soulsand Valley with blue fog and flames, as well as red and blue variants of the Netherwart Forest, the latter of which features new Nether Fungi.

"Despite the dangers of these new Nether biomes, we do want this update to make the Nether more accessible (albeit still a dangerous place to live!). You'll be able to build a base there, respawn there, and even find food," Mojang writes.


The new Piglin Beast can be bred as a source of food, and we also have another new mob called Piglins, which are the normal versions of the Zombie Pigmen, now renamed to Zombified Piglins. These guys are a lot more hostile than Villagers, although you can barter with them. They love gold as well, so when entering their bastions you can avoid trouble by wearing gold armour, although they might not be so friendly if you steal from them.


Last but not least is a new Target Block as well, which emits a redstone signal when shot at. The closer the arrow is to the signal the stronger the signal though, so it should give even more options for those who like to make contraptions with redstone.

This update comes after the Village & Pillage update, a trailer for which you can see below, changing Minecraft dramatically once more.

Are you glad to see the Nether getting updated?

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