Minecraft has 112 million players each month

Studio head Helen Chiang revealed the colossal number, and says it's a game people always come back to.

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When talking about gaming's biggest titans, most people jump to something like Call of Duty or Fortnite, but let's not forget that Mojang's Minecraft is still going strong after all these years, even daring to launch spinoffs Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, both of which are upcoming.

It should come as no surprise that it's still popular, but studio head Helen Chiang revealed in an interview with Business Insider that the game has over 112 million players each month, and that "over the past five years since the acquisition, 'Minecraft' is continuing to grow."

"It may not always be the one that's in the forefront, because there are a lot of great games that continue to come out, but it's one that they love to return to," Chiang adds when explaining that it's a game that people consistently come back to.

It's always expanding as well, with new features like Pillagers and Bees coming in recent memory, adding to the creative options for players.

On top of that, it's seen a resurgence in popularity recently after YouTubers like Felix 'Pewdiepie' Kjellberg started playing it again, along with other big names who have also begun streaming and recording videos.

Have you played Minecraft persistently?


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