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Minecraft gets an official visit from Mega Man X

Capcom is crossing over with the blocky world once again.

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Mega Man remains an all-time fan favourite amongst gamers. Usually, it's the classic Blue Bomber who gets the most of the love, but Mega Man X has his fans as well, and if you are amongst them, you should check out Minecraft.

Mojang has now announced a collaboration with Capcom:

"Capcom's futuristic blue bomber, the maverick hunter Mega Man X is making a grand appearance in Minecraft! As of now, the Mega Man X DLC by 57Digital has arrived and is live on Minecraft Marketplace!

Relive the glory days of one of the best platformers ever brought to the Super Nintendo as X dashes from 2D right into a blocky 3D adventure! This DLC is not only rich with reploids - it's charged with iconic levels reminiscent of the original game in the X series, features 14 skins of familiar characters, and unforgettable songs from the game's soundtrack!"

There are also classic villains (including Chill Penguin) to defeat, items to buy in the Hunter Base and even an opportunity to meet another classic Mega Man character - Zero. Check out all of this and more in the trailer below.


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