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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is introducing seasons

The first will be called The Cloudy Climb and will bring a new single player activity.

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Minecraft Dungeons was another topic at this year's Minecraft Live, because the developers are not yet done with their latest adventure. In order to bring the dungeon crawler's many adventurers back into the game on a regular basis, Mojang Studios will introduce "Seasonal Adventures" soon. This common progress system will be accompanied by a paid season pass model (called "Adventure Pass"). In theory, this is how it works: As you play the game, you work on completing weekly challenges, like, for example, using several hundred healing potions, collecting a certain amount of emeralds or killing enough skeleton archers. Completing these quests will increase your Adventure Rank, which unlocks certain advantages.

In addition to cosmetic customisation items, there will be gold and emeralds as rewards to give players a little boost. Mojang points out that the season passes progress route will be "purely" cosmetic, unlocking items such as pets, capes, skins, emotes, and special effects called "flairs". These flairs occur regularly, for example when you level up or after killing a special opponent. Because seasons change regularly, Mojang would like to offer players who do not have the time or the opportunity to complete every last quest the possibility to rank up old Adventure Passes at a later point. This means that you will not lose your progress, since you will always be able to unlock the corresponding rewards at a later time.

Minecraft Dungeons

The first season in Minecraft Dungeons is called "The Cloudy Climb" and it will be based on this very model. The most important innovation here (besides the two-railed progression system) is the introduction of a new single player mode called "The Tower". In this activity you create a temporary, new character and fight your way through a certain amount of floors within a tower that has a fix layout. Lots of opponents, bosses and maybe one or two friendly faces await you along the way.

After each level you can save and receive new equipment for your temporary character to venture even deeper into the dungeon. Your performance will determine the quality of the equipment that you unlock for your main hero after finishing the run. If you, however, die on the way, you can try again, but the loot will be of less value. Right now, Mojang plans to provide players with a new tower every two weeks, but that pace may change later. The studio describes this repeatable activity as a great way to work on advancing your Adventure Rank.

Although Mojang has not given us concrete details, the introduction of these seasons makes it clear that Minecraft Dungeons has not yet reached the end of its development. Until November 2, you can take part in the seasonal Halloween event called "Spookier Fall" to unlock more gruesome rewards while playing. If you log into the game before the event ends, you get a skeleton armour and a pumpkin head as a reward. We think fans can look forward to even more surprises in the future.

Minecraft Dungeons

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