Minecon Live announced for September 28

The hugely popular event will be streamed live across most platforms.

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The next instalment of Minecon will be heading out the public this September in the form of a 90-minute long livestream, and it sounds like it will be jam-packed with Minecraft content. The reveal was announced in the form of a quirky casting video, using the game's iconic mobs as actors in the advert. At the moment, we know the show will contain news, appearances by content creators, pre- and post-show events, and to cap it all off, a stacked community panel.

So how will you be able to watch it? Mojang took extra care about that and has announced it will be stream-able from pretty much everywhere, including phones, tablets, PCs and consoles. Along with the announcement of the next Minecon, Minecraftshop is offering a 25% off deal on all merchandise, to really put you in that Minecraft mood.

Up until then, players can mine the time away in a free downloadable celebratory anniversary map, bringing the last ten years of Minecraft together in one stellar show of structures. Believe us when we say, it is truly extraordinary and worth taking a look at.

Will you be watching Minecon Live this year??


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