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Moo Lander
Featured: E3 2021 Coverage

Milk is the purest source of energy in The Sixth Hammer's Moo Lander

And you can check out the latest trailer for the adventure platformer here.

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There has been no shortage of interesting indie titles at this year's E3 and Summer Game Fest. One of which that was shown off during the Indie Game Showcase and caught our attention was an adventure platformer from The Sixth Hammer that puts players in the shoes of a ancient warrior, whose duty it is to find the device that can produce an infinite amount of the greatest source of energy in the universe, milk.

Known as Moo Lander, this indie title will see players take the fight to the mighty cow, who in this world, each have unique powers and abilities capable of shooting your spacecraft out of the sky. Featuring a six-plus hour campaign and upgradeable options for your ship, Moo Lander is shaping up to be an indie to keep your eye on.

Set to release in Spring 2022 on PC, you can take a look at the E3 2021 trailer for Moo Lander below.

Moo Lander

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