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Ride 4

Milestone unveils Ride 4, heading our way in 2020

The newest entry in the Ride saga should have several new features, except they're keeping tight-lipped on what they are.

Milestone has revealed a brand new teaser trailer for Ride 4, the latest iteration of their racing franchise, which is due to arrive in 2020, aiming to deliver "the definitive sandbox for all motorbike enthusiasts, with a never seen before level of realism and accuracy".

Ride 4 also promises to balance the same experience the fans know and love with new features that haven't been seen before, although details are scarce right now, since the teaser shows very little.

The developer has also used the occasion to announce a collaboration with Yamaha Motor, and just like with Ride 4 we can expect more details on this partnership very soon.

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Ride 4

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